Your Guide To The Best Coffee In Paris

November 5, 2019 9:00 am

When you think of the word cafe, Paris may well spring to mind. That’s because ‘cafe’, or rather ‘café’, is their word. The rest of the world simply stole it, took away the accent, and pretended like nothing happened. Some say Paris has the best coffee around. And with all the added pastry-related delights on hand, who wouldn’t agree? The most adventurous of us may well even venture forth to Parisian pastures to sample these delights, straight from the presser. You are one of those adventurers. Presumably. If you desire the best coffee in Paris, then read on. Here are our top picks for the cafetieres you simply have to try.


Canal Saint-Martin

Courtesy of Holybelly

Holy moly. Church is in session. Holybelly’s mantra is simply ‘it’s good because we care’. And they’re right. They strive for good food, good coffee, and good service, and no matter your caffeinated taste, they have you covered.

Drip. Espresso. White. Black. Hot chocolate. Tea. You name it, they make it. While they pride themselves on their range, they won’t judge you for yours. And partner that with an all-day breakfast meal which boasts sublime pancakes, or eggs with hashbrowns and bacon. And well, you got yourselves one unmissable coffee shop. Right? Right.

Fondation Café

Upper Marais

Ever wished you could go to Paris and get some Australian-inspired coffee? No? Well, time to change your mind. Fondation might be small, but its coffee, both cold and hot, is some of the best in town. And if you’re feeling peckish, they’ve got some nice cakes to munch. You need something to wash down with all that coffee, after all.

It’s pretty small, as mentioned earlier. Thankfully, it’s also near Square de Temple, a lovely garden with a lake. So get a takeaway, and go be with the ducks and other fauna. Scientists say that animals in different countries have different accents. Time to see what French ducks quack about.

La Maison Rose


Courtesy of La Maison Rose

This striking pink cafe – hence its name – also has the history to back up its fantastic coffee. It’s been open well over a century. It’s also been frequented by artists, such as one Pablo Picasso. You may have heard of him.

If you’re looking to pair your sweet brew with some authentic French cuisine, then look no further. How’s a little smoked trout with eggs sound? An acquired taste for sure, but you’re a brave soul. Aren’t you? To top off the top coffee and interesting menu, you’ve got an Instagram story just waiting to be beamed into the social stratosphere. Because the building is pink.

Boot Café

Upper Marais

We return to Upper Marais for an interesting take on a coffee spot. Boot Café takes its name from the shoe shop that used to reside there. And the coffee is truly sublime. Sip it with some of their renowned cookies, or try their tasty hot chocolate (made with Lindt, no less). You can’t really go wrong either way.

Be mindful of the space, or lack thereof. There are only two tables in this cozy cafe, so expect to stand outside, or take your coffee on the go. Maybe even check out what else is on offer around the city. Or if your stay in Paris is of the romantic variety, how about a place to share a kiss?

Le Moustache Café


Courtesy of Trip Advisor

Want a great cup of coffee with a little company? Yes, if you fancy a little feline with your brew, then Le Moustache Café is just the thing.

They do all the usual coffees, so no matter your taste, they’ll hit the spot. And alongside their hot drink menu, they can also cobble together milkshakes with whipped cream, or a smoothie if you need a detox after a hard night in the discotheque. Plus there’s cats. 10 of the little munchkins. If you love cats and coffee, you will love it.

We miss any of your favourites? Let us know below.

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