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Travelling around Paris

Travelling Around Paris? Do These Exciting Things…

October 20, 2016 10:00 am

Travelling around Paris? Here are some of our top city picks that you won’t want to miss!

Whether you plan to visit a long list of iconic attractions above ground or the miles upon miles of catacombs that run underneath the city, you’re not going to be stuck for things to do. Perhaps that’s part of the problem though- deciding how to spend whatever limited time you’re visiting for. Brought to you by the team at the Paris Pass, here are some of our top picks.

The Archaeological Crypt of Notre Dame

Known as the Crypte Archéologique, this is a truly magnificent space, the entrance to which sits within a 30 second walk from Notre Dame Cathedral itself. You’ll not only get to see fascinating ancient ruins, from the Roman and medieval periods right through to the 19th century, but can also learn about the overall development of historical heart of Paris.

Louvre Museum

Whether you’re planning for excitement, relaxation, romance, you name it – every time you’re going to see a mention of this place. One of the finest art galleries in the world, it’s home to thousands of works of art, from the Mona Lisa to more quirky pieces, such as a fascinating temple guard from the ancient city of Mari. And if you’ve ever seen The Da Vinci Code, you’ll recognise the iconic pyramid shaped building from a mile away.

Parc des Princes

If you love football, or your partner does, then this is a real gem. Visiting the home to France’s number one football side, Paris Saint-Germain, is an incredible experience, regardless of whether you come on match day or for a behind-the-scenes guided tour. It’s well served by Métro stop Porte de Saint-Cloud, so it’s an easy one to get to. You never know, you may bump into one of the players, if you’re lucky!

Eat a Macaron. And another…

Sometimes mistaken for a macaroon, macarons are a little meringue-based sweet snack, and they’re often considered the jewel in the French crown of pastries. They come in all different flavours, from pistachio to chocolate, and make for an excellent gift. There is an abundance of places to grab one, or more, when travelling around Paris. Be careful when you’re taking them on the plane though, not only are they quite fragile, fellow flyers might fancy one. Be warned!

Travelling Around Paris Arc de Triomphe

Climb the Arc de Triomphe

Comprising of 284 steps, you’ll likely need a fair amount of energy to climb up this monument, commissioned by Napoleon in 1896. The best day to come is on Bastille Day, when you get a unique view of the procession and celebrations. However, the views of La Défense and the Louvre are always rewarding.

Drink some Wine

France is famous for its wine, let’s face it. Travelling around Paris, it’s quite easy to find numerous bars, bistros etc., and there’s certainly going to be a tipple to whet many an appetite. Whether yours is a red, or a white, or maybe a spritzer, as long as you’re of legal age (which is 16 for wine, by the way), you’re invited to give the many wines a try. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a connoisseur, there are plenty of wine tasting experiences to partake in, such as this one. When in Rome and all that…

Aquarium de Paris – Cinéaqua

One of the top attractions for the whole family, this is a thrilling aquarium experience with fish from all over the world. With activities, exhibitions and demonstrations, there’s plenty to keep the kids busy, but it’s also pretty cool for adults too! If you like mermaids, there have been known to be some swimming around in the tanks, so tell the family to keep their eyes out!

When travelling around Paris, there’s an abundance of exciting things to do, and you’re sure to have an amazing time regardless of what you end up doing. Whether it’s meticulously planned days of adventure, or exploring the streets at night, a trip to Paris isn’t one you’re going to forget any time soon. And we didn’t even mention the Eiffel Tower; I bet you weren’t expecting that, were you?

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