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Top Patisseries in Paris

Our Guide to the Top 10 Patisseries in Paris

September 5, 2018 10:00 am

Snack your way around the capital at the best patisseries in Paris

Once you’ve finished wining and dining your way around the French capital, head out to one of the best patisseries in Paris for a dessert that’ll really hit the spot. Mille-feuilles, macaroons, eclairs and Saint-Honores are the name of the game here and there’s a number of temples dedicated to the craft in Paris. From modern menus created by renowned chefs to unbeatable classics, here’s a selection of the best patisserie shops in Paris to sate your sweet tooth.

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Pierre Herme

Talk to any macaroon fan and they’ll probably direct you to Pierre Herme, one of the most famous patisseries in Paris with a devoted international following. Beyond the painter’s wheel of colourful macaroons, it’s also worth trying some of the shop’s handcrafted chocolates and Parisian delicacies. Bring a big bag, you’ll want to get a massive box.

La Patisserie Des Reves

Beloved by the likes of Vogue and Time Out, this dreamy patisserie is a sweet tooth lover’s dream and manned by one of the best names in the business: chef Philippe Conticini. Renowned for its Paris-Brest, a choux pastry filled with praline cream, it’s a feast not just for your taste buds but also your eyes as everything is laid out in hanging glass shells.

Des Gateaux et du Pain

Chef Claire Damon is not just one of Paris’ leading female pastry chefs, she’s one of the best – period. Her charming place is one of the most famous patisseries in Paris and the menu rotates with the seasons, bringing fresh local produce to their in-demand desserts. While its name (which translates to ‘some cake and bread’) downplays its magnificence, its signature Saint-Honore is testament that this shop is here to stay.

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Hugo & Victor

Literary buffs with a soft spot for sweets will fall madly in love with this moody patisserie. Drawing inspiration from the famed author Victor Hugo with its walls lined with books and even its literary-themed packaging, its chocolates, millefeuilles and eclairs are truly the star of the show here.

Jacques Genin

Chef Jacques Genin was once the secret weapon of the best restaurants in Paris, whipping up chocolate treats behind the scenes, but he’s since stepped into the spotlight with his own patisserie.As one of the sleekest patisseries in Paris, the delights behind the counter are ideal for the discerning gourmand with experimental flavours – try the Mango-Passion Fruit Caramel and thank us later.

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Laduree’s rainbow macaroons are a popular sight on Instagram and their stunning main branch nearby the Champs Elysee is worth the trip alone. Unlike many patisseries in Paris, there’s room to grab a seat and take your sweet time tucking into a decadent eclair, pistachio macaroon or one of their fruit tarts  over a cup of Earl Grey tea.

Sadaharu Aoki

One of the most famous patisseries in Paris is the lovechild of Japanese chef Sadaharu Aoki, who combines Japanese tastes and ingredients with classic French delights. Matcha, yuzu and black sesame are all rife here whether they’re squeezed gently into an eclair or baked in a tart, though his takes on the traditional shouldn’t be missed either. If you’re feeling brave, give the wasabi macaroon a go.

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L’eclair de Genie

Eclairs don’t get much better than this. This patisserie shop in Paris knows their way around an eclair and is a real force to be reckoned with, bringing modern flavours like passion fruit, raspberry and a crowd-pleasing salted caramel to the table. And even if you’ve already been here, you absolutely need to come back again as they frequently switch up their seasonal menu.

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Aux Merveillex de Fred

As with L’eclair de Genie, this patisserie specialises in one thing and it absolutely nails it. Rather than eclairs however, they craft decadent merveilleux that has made them a celebrity on the culinary scene. If you’ve never had the Northern French delicacy, which sandwiches chantilly cream between two airy meringues, this is the best place to start your education.

Carl Marletti

If you pop over to Carl Maretti’s, it might be easy to mistake the down-to-earth owner as just another pastry chef – but his confections set his shop apart as a legendary patisserie shop in Paris. Everything begins with the fresh seasonal produce here and the quality shows with every bite into his modern yet familiar goodies. Try his Lily Valley treat, nothing else compares.

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