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Explore Paris like a Foodie

July 21, 2014 4:16 pm

There’s no doubt about the wealth of gastronomic delights within the city of Paris – it should be renamed the City of Food, from the City of Love, really. From boulangeries to patisseries and crepereies, Paris is awash with foodie destinations from slap up meals to budget bars.

We challenged ourselves to eat our way around Paris and discover the best Paris has to offer, et voilà, our guide to exploring Paris like a foodie:

Ô Chateau

Ô Chateau Wine Cellars, in the centre of Paris, offer an interactive way of experiencing French wines. Offering the best wine tasting course Paris has to offer, it’s a popular occasion, which is why the Paris Pass has teamed up with it to offer users free entry to the introductory experience. If you’d like to learn from the best and a thing or two about whites and reds, like how to tell the difference between a Pinot Noir and a Sauvignon Blanc, then step right in. Delivered by a trusted Sommelier learn the ropes and teach your nose the way of the wine trade. Consuming 60lt per person, the French are the largest consumers of wine in the world, so they know a thing or two about their grapes, trust them.

Gourmet Chocolate Museum

Who doesn’t love chocolate? It’s a firm favourite no matter where you’re from and Paris is home to hundreds of chocolatiers – enough to overindulge any sweet tooth. But why not get ahead and find out how it’s really done at the Gourmet Chocolate Museum? Take part in this experience in which you’ll learn about the history of cocoa through words, pictures and flavours (yes, that means some tasting is involved!) Discover how chocolate has been produced, over 4,000 years, into what we consume today – and that’s over 660,900 tonnes if you’re a Brit. Take part in a demonstration of chocolate making right at the end and witness exactly how it’s done – you’ll even get to try some, too.

The real ‘café’

Coutume Café is Paris’ best destination to get a caffeine fix. A very Parisian-come-London café, it’s clean, chic and sophisticated – and very minimal. Think exposed metal, tiled counters and simple school chairs; that’s the surroundings that make up this cool coffee address. As well as providing an impressive backdrop for your morning café au lait it offers free coffee tasting on the second Saturday of every month, too, where you can learn the art of ‘cupping’. Don’t forget to admire their big bags of beans that come all the way from Guatemala, Ethiopia and Brazil.

Ideal Gourmet

Want to get more bang for your buck, so to speak? Well Ideal Gourmet is Paris’ answer to a restaurant phone book and can make finding a great meal in Paris that much easier. Select from a wide range of options including traditional meals, castle dining, dinners on the Seine, brunches and even romantic dates for a special occasion. Simply book a table through their website, at a listed restaurant, that takes your fancy and it’s as easy as that. With the Paris Pass don’t forget you can save €10 off your booking as well. C’est magnifique!

Rue Montorgueil Market

If you’re planning a picnic under the sun, armed with fresh produce, breads, cheeses and warmed tomatoes on the vine then Rue Montorgueil Market is the place to go to get stocked up. One of the best markets in Paris, it’s a veritable foodie haven. From Normandy-caught fish, to local honey, there’s a wide range of fresh and organic items for eating or treating. Make sure you bring petty cash though and plenty of it as some of the stalls claim ‘luxury’ comes with a price!


Enjoy your foodie experience of Paris with The Paris Pass and get free entry into Gourmet Chocolate Museum, a free Introductory Wine Tasting and save money when booking at a top Parisian restaurant with Ideal Gourmet. Find out more, here…

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